21 January 2022

The local organising committee is happy to invite you to the GROOM II General Assembly, Advisory Board and accompanying workshops that will take place both in person and online on the 16-17-18 February 2022.

GROOM II is a H2020 funded project, “Gliders for Research, Ocean Observations and Management: Infrastructure and Innovation” that brings together 14 partners from 12 countries and aims at coordinating and enhancing joint glider activities in Europe by designing a technical and a legal framework for the GROOM Research Infrastructure (GROOM RI).

All the sessions will be organised in hybrid mode. In person meetings will take place at Ecole des Mines de Paris. Teleconference links will be provided shortly before the meetings.

Feel free to invite fellow colleagues to join the online workshops open to the general public.





Welcome coffee

General Assembly – Welcome; presentations of Work Packages (20 minutes each)

Lunch Break

General Assembly – presentations of Work Packages (continued); assessment of the progress (weak and strong points, correction actions)




Breakout 1 – IAG-MAS – GROOM II collaboration with industrial sector (Dan Hayes – CSCS)

Breakout 2 – Capacity Building & Training (Andrés Cianca – PLOCAN)

Breakout report



Coffee Break

Workshop 1 – About external and internal services (catalogue and access) (Maaten Furlong – NOC and Pierre Testor – CNRS) (open to general public upon invitation)



Welcome coffee

Workshop 2Technology roadmap of the GROOM RI (Alvaro Lorenzo Lopez – NOC, Pierre Testor – CNRS, João Sousa – UPorto and Ailin Brakstad – UIB) (open to general public upon invitation)



Lunch Break

Workshop 3 – Engagement of the GROOM RI with nations from Europe (Johannes Kartensen – GEOMAR, Ulpu Leijala – FMI and Paul Gaughan – MI) (open to general public upon invitation)


Coffee Break


Dinner, courtesy of Armines




Advisory Board meeting (coffee break around 10:30) (GROOM II partners only)

Lunch Break

General Assembly – closing session: conclusions, vote for ARMINES to represent GROOM II when interacting with stakeholders; preparation of 1st reporting period

Venue will take place in Mines ParisTech – Université PSL (Ecole des Mines de Paris)

60 Bd Saint-Michel
75272 Paris

Registration is mandatory for external participants.
To register and for more information, feel free to contact: kamil.szafranski@ensta-paris.fr

All the sessions will be recorded for internal use only. Recordings will not be retransmitted or shared.

We will be using the Zoom platform for video conferencing. Please make sure of the following:

  • Mute yourself when not speaking
  • Raise your hand when you want to speak
  • Ensure your connection and hardware work correctly

The Miro software will be used to support the meeting.

  • What is Miro?
    Miro is an interactive way to engage everyone and work together through an easy visual interface. It is used in addition to zoom. It can be visualised as a real time PowerPoint where everyone can write in real time.
  • Why use Miro?
    It allows everyone to participate in real time, add notes and ask questions. It is an interactive way to collaborate and the end result can be used as a first draft for a report.
  • How to use it?
    To access the boards, click on the dedicated link. You have to register to Miro and we will accept you in the tool. Then, even if in the first minutes it can look difficult, it is very simple to use. The goal is to encourage everyone to participate, so everything will be anonymous. Don’t be shy !
  • Please log in in advance and have a look at this tool ahead of the meetings to avoid loss of time with the registration and validation actions on the day. Yves will be in charge of Miro.