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Workshop 2 – Technology roadmap of the GROOM RI (Alvaro Lorenzo Lopez – NOC, Pierre Testor – CNRS, João Sousa – UPorto and Ailin Brakstad – UIB) 

Open to general public upon invitation.

The GERI  is expected to provide consistency in operations among the different partners and glider-ports involved. To do this, GROOM proposes a technical approach consisting on:

  1. Developing a supported digital infrastructure that will benefit the partners and will allow seamless integration with other European projects like Jerico and data infrastructures as Copernicus, Seadatanet or Emodnet.
  2. Facilitating the adoption of common best practises and implementing a formal process to endorse such best practises from the GERI.
  3. Participating as a central actor on the evolution of the current data management approach for gliders and long-range platforms.
  4. Designing new open standardizations for the future implementation and adoption of novel AI techniques by the GERI .


In this section we will present a proposal for the GROOM digital services. A series of presentations from our invited speakers will provide context on how other initiatives complement and are interoperable with groom. We will finish with a round table with the speakers answering questions from the audience.


  • Alvaro Lorenzo Lopez. NOC(UK), GROOM 2 WP6 Leader.
  • Nicolai von Oppeln-Bronikowski. Memorial University (CA), OceanGNS.
  • Peter Thijse. MARIS, Seadatanet
  • Joao Sousa. University of Porto (PT), EUMR PI.
  • Miguel Charos Llorens. SOCIB(SP), JERICO.

In this section we will discuss challenges and opportunities for the current data landscape around ocean long range autonomy. A group of specialist speakers will present around the topic. Speakers 

  • Thierry Carval. CORIOLIS (FR)
  • Victor Turpin Oceanops(FR)
  • Justin Buck. NOC-BODC(UK)
  • Ailin Brakstad (UiB, NO) and Arnfinn Morvik (NMD/IMR, NO)