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Towards an organizational model of the future infrastructure to maximize the national benefits (George Petihakis, Laurent Mortier)

This is the first needed step in WP3 before we can elaborate a clear vision of which form(s) of RI we will have to propose in the final report. 


  1. Start the mapping of the different national/European decisional levels, starting from the ‘lower’ GROOM II partners level to the higher levels.
  2. Assess the 1st level among GROOM II partners representing an RI.
  3. Prepare a roadmap for the next steps.

First outcome: Towards a consensus between the partners about what they (as individuals) see as most appropriate for the designed GROOM RI (e.g. from a loose network to a high degree of integration) and a methodology to promote a GROOM RI at the ‘higher’ levels. 

Second  outcome: Tentative agreement on the overall organization of GROOM RI for the final report, in particular, what is the partners’ most likely contribution of their national RIs in the future GROOM RI. 

Other outcome of the workshop: A more clear vision about questions asked to the AB the day after about the role of a GROOM RI as the European MAS RI in the MRI landscape.


  • All participants in the project
  • The active participants (presentation) are the national agreed ‘focal point’ persons:
    • Leonidas Perivoliotis
    • Pekka Alenius
    • Ilker Fer
    • Sebastian Swart
    • Johannes Karstensen
    • Alvaro Lorenzo (or Maaten Furlong)
    • Alan Berry
    • Eric Delory
    • Laurent Mortier 
  • Juanjo Danobeita as EMSO Director
  • Claire Gourcuff as EuroArgo representative (interim Director for Sylvie Pouliquen)
  • Patrick Baraona as Marine Strategy consultant


Chair: Kamil Szafranski

  • Introduction of the WS (<5mn, George or Laurent) 
  • Presentation of the status in Greece and France as 2 study cases (<10mn each): Greece (George) and France (Laurent) 
  • Status in the other countries (~ 3 mn each, 1 slide)
  • Debriefing (15mn)
  • Summary of the services to be shared internally (<10mn, Pierre from WS1)
  • Round table of the services potentially ‘offered’ by each RIs (<3mn each)
  • Round table (10mn)

Open discussion on the next steps:

  • Prepare formal contacts with national stakeholders
  • Prepare formal contacts with the others MRIs (Laurent comment: as this could help the national ministries and agencies to better understand where GROOM RI lies)