15:30 17:30

Workshop 1 – Internal and external services and access (Maaten Furlong, Pierre Testor)


  1. Outline the broad range services of the RI and describe the challenges and opportunities associated with sharing and accessing the different services internally and externally.
  2. Go through the access priorities for different internal stakeholders.
  3. Agree the guiding principles for the access models for both internal and external stakeholders.

Participants: all participants in the project


Chair: Maaten Furlong / Pierre Testor

  • Introduction of the WS (Maaten Furlong) 
  • Presentation on the outlining the service provided for the MAS RI, challenges and opportunities (Maaten Furlong) 
  • Split into small groups to discuss the internal access priorities, and funding of shared facilities
  • Report back on the internal access priorities and preferred funding principles.
  • Presentation outlining access by external users (Maaten Furlong) 
  • Split into small groups to discuss the external access issues
  • Report back and sum up
  • Sum up the workshop outcomes (Maaten Furlong)