GROOM II: The European Research Infrastructure for gliders

The Gliders for Research, Ocean Observations and Management: Infrastructure and Innovation (GROOM II) project aims at designing a European Marine Research Infrastructure (MRI) that will transform fragmented research infrastructures into a sustained organisation offering a world-class service to the global population. 

GROOM II is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. The project started in October 2020 and ends in September 2023.

Its consortium consists of 14 European partners from 12 countries, including large national marine research organizations and technological platforms, universities, and private companies.

GROOM II focuses on :

The GERI is a distributed architecture of glider ports around the European seas and overseas. Working in close coordination to effectively operate fleets of gliders, GERI will also coordinate with other MRI and observing platforms.

Each facility offers services and operates gliders in several marine areas. External users will have the opportunity to loan gliders. A central hub coordinates all institutes to ensure that services are made available to all facilities and offered to external users.


Concept of the GERI